September 27, 2011

My February Lady Sweater pt. 4

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought the needles I was using were Addi Turbo's that I had picked up in a thrift shop. LisaB kindly gave some hints on how to identify my needles.
I picked up a lot of Addi Turbos when my LYS closed its doors. All of them have tiny printing on the cables that indicate the brand, size, and length. That might help in identifying yours.
I just wanted to add that I noticed my Addi Turbo size 0 needle does not have info printed on its cable. Instead, it has a small '2' printed on one needle. This represents 2mm, which is US size 0. Just another clue that may help identify the brand of needle you have. 
My needles have the size imprinted on the needles, 3.75. After digging around in one of my storage bins. I think I found the packaging the needles came in. They are Inox Express. They are pretty amazing needles as the stitches just slide effortlessly. What little I can find on them suggests they are comparable to Addi Turbos but more affordable. I'm not entirely sure they are still being manufactured? I'm fairly certain these came from a thrift shop.

The Inox Express needles eventually became too short and I had to transfer everything to a longer cable needle. I ended up ordering some inexpensive needles, with a 32" cable from a random Ebay seller for less than $5. These needles are certainly a cheap imported needle from China, the kind that abounds on Ebay. They are doing the job but they aren't nearly as nice as the Inox Express. Who knew I was turning into a needle snob?

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  1. Oh cool! I'm glad you figured it out.

    I have a few Inox needles that I bought many years ago in tiny sizes for working with fingering weight yarn. I remember poking a hole in one finger because the teeny tiny double-point needle was so sharp and repeatedly hit the same spot on my finger.

    I had forgotten about the Inox needles. Yes, they were a pleasure to knit with despite my own clumsiness.