September 08, 2011

So I started a blouse pt. 2

I made some small progress. I managed to trace off a collar stand and collar for my blouse from another Burda pattern. I did have to modify it as the collar stand did not fit on my blouse - comes with mashing up two different styles. I learned this by walking the pieces along their seamlines, which is something I always do even when sewing up a Burda pattern without changing it. Looking at the pieces now, I'm thinking the collar stand is too tall. I'll have to pull a blouse out of my closet to compare before cutting into fabric.

I also changed the front bodice pattern to eliminate the full facing. Now it has a double fold standard shirt placket. I'm hoping the double fold placket will eliminate the need of interfacing the area. After looking at the blouses in my closet I saw that not many of them had interfacing. I'm also mulling over shaping the side seam just a bit. I do like blouses that have a bit of shaping rather than a box. Notice the scribbling on the parts that will be cut off eventually.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up with.

    Last year (or the year before?) I set out to make a TNT blouse/shirt pattern starting with a Burda magazine pattern. I've tweaked it several times and think I did more harm than good in the end.

    Recently, I tried a Kwik-Sew pattern, changing the armscye and sleeve cap shapes. It is looking really good so far. It's not a basic pattern, but I think I could use it to work backwards to a basic and then move forward with other designs.

    All in time...

    I just wanted to let you know that someone is following with interest.