October 21, 2011

So I started a blouse, Finale

So here is the blouse after having been worn under a cardigan for a good part of the day. I'm surprised it isn't more rumpled, so long live poly-cotton. The sleeve is a simple set-in, cap sleeve with a bit of elastic in the hem.

And this is how I wore it to church. Incidentally, I also made the skirt from another Burda pattern that is now one of my basics. I've lost enough weight that the skirt actually swims on me -- I'll have to grade that pattern down and make another.

In post game analysis, the blouse is a bit boxy for my taste. I'll be revising that on my next blouse, which I've already started. Other pattern corrections include some more tweaks to the collar.

1 comment:

  1. The blouse has got good bones. It will serve you well as a starting point for other styles. I look forward to seeing what else you decide to do with it.