November 25, 2011

A dress for Ella

I missed the baby shower for Baby Ella's mom and I felt really bad about it. Now that baby Ella is here, I decided to make a dress for her. This is a size 12 mo and I hope that it will fit her for Easter and into early summer. This is my favorite variation with this fabric to date. I liked the binding on the sleeves and the ivory flower pops.

I love being able to cut and sew a project in just a few hours. I have all my basic pattern blocks from my Prairie Roses line and my style book in the Design Loft vault (aka the closet). I just have to flip through my book, pull out the cutting sheet and go to work. If anyone is interested, I can show you how I've organized things even though Prairie Roses is currently shelved.

Which makes me think I should assign a style number to my blouse pattern and file it away in my style book. I do plan on many variations in the future....

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