November 30, 2011

The story of the Eddie Bauer dress

Eddie Bauer had this dress in their catalog years ago. I loved it and wanted to buy it but the price was out of reach at the time. I even watched the online outlet store and never saw it there. The dress must have been very popular because Eddie Bauer carried the dress for at least a year.

Anyway, I found THE dress at the thrift store over the weekend in my size. I inspected the dress carefully and only saw a few condition problems.
Each sleeve had tears in the exact same spot. Honestly, the tears seam odd and I wonder if the previous owner actually cut the hem to accommodate a larger upper arm? Anyway, the sleeves were long enough that I could cut off the old hem and re-hem it.

 The two bottom buttons of the skirt where tearing out.

I darned under each button by stitching back and forth on my sewing machine. The fix is hardly noticeable once the buttons were reattached.

Finally, the dress just needs a good wash and it is good to go. I'm actually very excited to wear it and it goes great with my recently acquired black cardigan.

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  1. Way to go!! I love to read and see how others are improvising! And the fact that you have loved this dress and wanted one for a while, then finding it! Super darn cool!! Again My hat tips to you and your creative heart! Love it.