November 28, 2011

T-shirt pattern quest pt. 1

The blouse/shirtmarking project had to be put on hold until I can purchase more fabric. And if you've seen the price of fabric in the retail stores, you will know why. The cost of natural fibers - cotton, wool and silk - have increased exponentially over the last year due to increased demand in China. But good news is on the horizon as the price of cotton is coming down. This is because designers either dropped cotton or used it in blends, reducing their overall demand. And as economics explains, the price is determined by supply and demand. The price reduction has yet to filter down to the retail sector though, so it may take some time yet. In the mean time, I'm looking at joining a fabric co-op so that I can stock up on some staples and perusing jobber's listings for reduced/end of season materials.

So what is next until then? T-shirts. I want a basic t-shirt pattern that I can use to recycle/upcycle thrift store finds. I've got some knits sitting in my stash to play around with. And as usual, I tend to over analyze and study the subject.

I think I will rub off one of my favorite RTW t-shirts and modify it a bit. It is a layering t-shirt, so it is slim fitting. I think I will increase the ease just a bit to make it more comfortable to wear alone. Anyway, updates as I get to it.

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  1. I love the jalie tshirt pattern. I use it all the time as a block and for tshirts. Good luck