January 23, 2012

My February Lady Sweater Finished!

Finally done! The sweater needs a good wash and block. I'm not sure it will block very well because the yarn is cotton-acrylic, but we'll see it if will grow in length some. I will probably replace the buttons with something better once I can get to the next town over.

I discovered the reason I was having so much trouble with my gauge. The inexpensive circular needles I bought at the beginning of the project were more like a US 4 instead of the 5 I thought I was buying. If buying cheap needles off Ebay, keep this in mind and check it. My circular Inox needles were exactly right, but too short for the yoke. Anyway, I also inadvertently grabbed two US size 4 and two US size 5 double points when working on the sleeves. Oops.

I'm happy with the sweater but so ready to move on. I cast on a new project last night - more about that later.


  1. It's really pretty and looks great on you! I wonder if the lace pattern will open up some after blocking. Looking forward to hearing about your next project!