January 28, 2012

T-shirt pattern quest pt. 6

I've made some progress on my t-shirt pattern. This is version 3.0 and as you can see some more work is needed on the armhole. I've moved most of this discussion to the Fashion Incubator forum (membership required) so I can get some help from other pattern making - fitting experts. Trying to fit something to yourself is hard enough, but fitting an adult is outside my experience. Kids are so much easier. Anyway, there are additional pictures and discussion there. I will say that the shoulder point location is still an issue despite moving it out in this version as is the back armhole. One thing I'm considering is adding a dart to the front even though I am resisting it for the moment.

The other news is that I've been sidelined with a rotator cuff injury. I've been having shoulder pain for several months and aggravated it when I started attending some exercise classes last November. And really, I've had problems with my left shoulder for years. When I worked as a sewing machine operator many, many years ago, I would come home with a lot of aches and pains in my left shoulder. I chalked it up to just using muscles I haven't used previously and bad posture. I've been ignoring it and finally it reached a point where it was obvious I was in a lot of pain. I have a high pain tolerance apparently and didn't connect the dots that I shouldn't be feeling this way. So to prevent further injury and hopefully to prevent surgery, I start physical therapy next week. I won't know what activities I have to limit while I heal. It certainly took some wind out of my sails. Anyway, I have some projects I'm working on that don't require a ton of shoulder movement but are not very interesting to blog about. One includes my sodaCAD project which is still in Alpha. I'm also reading more.

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