January 13, 2012

Thrift store finds

I've been complaining for a while about the rise in prices at thrift stores. Both the Goodwill and the DI have raised prices over the last year and it just hasn't been worth the effort to stop at either store. Goodwill in particular has raised their prices to be comparable with retail prices on some items. While it is understandable that prices have to rise to cover the cost of transportation and labor, I'm thinking they have forgotten who they serve.

Anyway, there is a hidden away thrift store in the next town over. It's small, but the store supports the county hospital and is run entirely by volunteers. Even better, everything on the racks is pre-laundered. You know how your thrift store finds have that thrift store smell because the clothes are donated and put on the racks in whatever state they were received. The stuff I brought home last week have that fresh laundered smell. So nice. Even better, the prices are a true bargain. I bought the vintage sheet set, two pillowcases, and a knitted sheet for a mere $3. The rose sheets are destined for another blouse, the knitted sheet for more t-shirt pattern testing, and the lace of the pillowcases for some little girl dresses.

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