March 05, 2012

My own cupcake wars - gluten free style

After watching one too many episodes of Cupcake Wars, I had a craving for a delicious cupcake with chocolate frosting. Since I can't eat any of the cupcakes on the show, I had to make one from scratch, gluten-free of course. Cakes have always been a problem for me since I moved to 6,000 feet in elevation. Add in the gluten free factor and the cakes have a tendency to fall. Mysteriously, some cakes do just fine with absolutely no adjustments. Before going gluten free, I always relied on store bought cake mixes because home made was dry and dense.

Enter my new BFF gluten free baker, Nicole Hunn (she doesn't know me except for the one comment I left on her blog, but she has literally saved me in the gluten free baking department). She has a fabulous blog and awesome recipe book. I made up her Yellow cupcake with chocolate sour cream frosting. Yu-umm!

Nicole's blog is great because she posts process pictures and free recipes all the time. I bought her book just as a way to say thank you for such a fabulous blog. She finally helped me find a way to get gluten free bread to rise in my cold kitchen, among the many yummy recipes I've printed out.

I used my own all purpose gluten free flour mix based off of Annalise Roberts, (Gluten-Free Baking Classics). The cupcakes turned out so good that I wolfed down two right away. I've learned over the last little while that gluten free ingredients for baked goods need to be thoroughly mixed and hand mixing just doesn't cut it. I got a little bit of help with that shiny black mixer in the background. DH spoiled me rotten for my birthday.


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  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! I'm not sure I could have stopped at two. :-)