March 22, 2012

Spinning fibers - brown sample braid

With my last fiber order, I received a small sample braid of corriedale hand dyed in brown tones. I split the braid in half thinking I could spin up two separate singles to ply but I ended up spinning it all up in one go. I was more consistent when I first started and had more trouble towards the end. I was relearning how to draw the fiber with my right hand. I started with a worsted draw or inch worm method and the yarn looks much better. For some reason a switch flipped in my brain and I started doing a type of long draw with the second half. The second half of the yarn is definitely fuzzier with more thick and thin, which I'm not sure I like with the corriedale.
Here is the yarn as a two ply. I'm not sure of yardage yet, but it is amazing how plying changes the singles. To ply it, I wound it off the spindle onto a stick to create a center pull ball. I then pulled from the inside and outside of the ball to create a plying ball. It was a bit fiddly, but it worked really well. Plying up was much easier and faster than I expected. I do like the yarn but it is overall fuzzier than I expected. The plying also tones done the colors. Once I skein this up, I'll probably take another picture so you can see more of the colors.

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