March 14, 2012

Spinning fibers

I ordered some extra fiber to practice my spinning.

The seller is Curly C'Ewes on Etsy. She has some fibers for a really good price - I think the single colored fibers are less than the multi-colored. The gold is more tonal than I expected, very soft and pretty. The gold is 4 oz., kettle dyed Corriedale roving. The blue is 1.5 oz of kettle dyed Corriedale. She attached her business card to a sample braid of fiber - though no color name. I plan on spinning up the sample braid next so I can practice plying, then the blue and then the gold. Hopefully by the time I get to the gold, I will be more practiced and able to actually produce useful yarn. This is enough fiber to keep me busy for a while, though I'm already lusting after some more hand dyed fiber.

I finished spinning up my purple sample batt over the weekend and killed some of the progress I made on my shoulder. I was drafting with my left hand because it seemed easier than my right - strange because I am right hand dominant. Anyway, I've had to put off spinning a bit to rest. When I pick it up next, I'm going to work on drafting with my right hand. It may be like starting over. Anyway, pics of my first small ball of yarn when I can get to it.

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  1. I will enjoy reading about and seeing your progress. Many years ago I took a drop spindle class at a knitting festival and found it fascinating to try. I'm sure I have my spindle and sample packed away somewhere, but I do not - repeat loudly - DO NOT - need another hobby! :-) And please...don't start showing us weaving or bobbin lace. Those are two others that are tempting to me. :-)