March 07, 2012

Upcoming projects - Sewing, Spinning, and Knitting

This is my current works in progress report. Things have been a bit delayed as my shoulder heals. I've had slow progress, which is a bit frustrating. After doing some googling, I learned that this kind of injury can take up to a year to heal on its own. So, I'm trying to be good and do exactly what the doctor says so I can avoid surgery. On top of that, I sliced my thumb exactly in the spot that gets a lot of use. I think I made the mistake of not going to go to the doctor for stitches and now it is healing with a small missing chunk (sorry, for sounding gross). All this to say that I haven't been able or motivated to do much in the Design Loft. But I can't stand still for too long.

I started an Easter dress for one of my nieces. I've had to make up some patterns because she is getting older. Also, I wanted to do something other than my usual, so this will be a jumper with peasant blouse.

I also blew some birthday money on an inexpensive drop spindle and fiber (more on the way!). I tried spinning up some, but I obviously need more practice. Hard to do when your opposable thumb is bandaged and sore.

Other things to do:
Revise t-shirt pattern again and test
Revisit shirt collar pattern and lengthen bodice for a new blouse.
Update review on cash wallet
Recut hard pattern of blouse
Blender socks with afterthought heel.

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