March 28, 2012

Yarn stash enhancement

I did a little bit of yarn and fabric stash enhancement over the weekend. First, I'll show off the yarn.

I went into an independently owned franchise craft store and saw that they had sock yarn on sale for 33% off. Deal! I did have this rather strange conversation with the sales clerk though. The yarn display had a sign that said items that are 40% off or more are not returnable. When I went to pay for it, the sales clerk said that yarn is not returnable. I was a bit confused and just wanted clarification because what she was telling me didn't match up with the signage in the store. We had a bit of back and forth in which the clerk finally said that yarn was not returnable because it was a federal and state law regarding weights and measures that says yarn is not returnable. As I finished up my purchase I finally had to say, "I don't believe you."

I'm sure this is something that she was told by the store manager, but if true nothing in the store would be returnable. Everything is described by some kind of weight and measure. It would have been more honest to say that all yarn sales are final rather than invoke some misapplication of a law. I'm sure that the store has had problems with people over buying on yarn for a project and then try to return it later. I have to laugh now, especially with how serious the sales clerk was when she was explaining the "law" to me.
I had to laugh even more when I went to the Joann's around the corner and bought more sock yarn. Yes, sock yarn sales were everywhere! The checkout stand in Joann's has a huge sign that says they accept returns on ALL items within 90 days.* At least I left town laughing over the ridiculousness of the whole conversation.

All this goes to show that customer service is rather important. I'll think twice before I shop at the independently owned craft store again. I totally understand the manager trying to minimize returns because they have less margin, but my goodness they also have an opportunity to really serve their customers in ways that big chain stores cannot. A lot has to be said for the return policies of the big chains though.

*I'm not sure what Joann's policy is on cut fabric. I suspect they don't usually accept returns on that, though I've never tried it.

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