May 07, 2012

Book making - creating books as gifts

Last year I managed to get a jump start on Christmas gifts by making potholders in bulk. They went into a kitchen/cooking theme basket and I think they went over ok. This year I decided to make handmade books from mostly recycled materials. I've been stashing chipboard boxes for over a year. I also found some unused, forgotten drawing tablets in a closet. At the library book sale, I found an old atlas and other travel books. I think the books should be a fun project. I'll throw in some simple pamphlet, jotter style notebooks to make sets. All I'll need to do after that is buy some nice pens in bulk. Easy-peasy and so inexpensive. I decided after last year that giving simple, meaningful gifts is so much better than a bunch of cheap stuff in a gift basket.

So far, I have broken the boxes down and glued two layers of chipboard together. I've started cutting the chipboard down to size and then I'll start covering the boards with decorative paper.

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