May 09, 2012

Knitting - Hermione's everyday socks

I needed a simple knit for a long car ride to a library conference last week. I was a bit jittery/stressed and I knew this could help calm me down. I was hoping to perhaps meet other knitters - librarians have an affinity for knitting. Unfortunately, I didn't really meet up with anyone else this year. There was one librarian who had the most amazing cardigan but I didn't work up the nerve to ask her about it. My inner introvert shines in crowds.... Anyway, I cast on Hermione's everyday socks with Serenity Sock Weight by Premiere Yarns (Deborah Norville).

The yarn is merino, bamboo, and nylon and it is very soft. For a self-stripping yarn, this one isn't too bad. This is a budget sock yarn from Joann's and if you watch you can pick it up for just a few dollars a ball. There have been a lot of complaints on Ravelry about this yarn, but so far, I haven't run into any big issues. It is a bit splitty, but I'm using my Inox double points and that seems to minimize that problem.

The pattern is pretty easy but because of the self stripping yarn, it is hard to find where you left off. So if I do work on this, I work at least one full repeat of the 4-row repeat.

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  1. Hi ,
    Think of it this way - if you had asked about the lady's amazing cardigan, she would probably have been flattered, pleased and a little smug that somebody appreciated it. Now she's just sad that nobody noticed. You should watch the TED talk. 100 days of rejection. I't amusing and I think you'd like it. By the way, I think you are an amazing knitter yourself.