July 24, 2012

Cash wallet revisited

My cash wallet has been in heavy use since December. I do like the concept of being able to sort my cash into categories in a wallet. I was concerned that the cotton cover would wear and get dirty pretty easily. Sure enough, it did as it has a lot of wear on the edges and corners in only six months.
One problem was the square corners would catch on things as I pulled it in and out of purse.
I took the wallet apart. I wanted to save the interior pockets as I did find myself using them frequently to hold receipts. I sacrificed a large vinyl bag and cut a new cover out of it. I then used a roll of tape to round the corners.
I found some scraps of the blue fabric in my scrap bin and managed to squeeze out enough bias to go around the cover. I did pre-press one edge of the bias so that it would be easier to topstitch it from the right side. When pinning, make sure to only pin within the seam allowances so that there are no pin holes in the vinyl. I used a size 18 needle in the machine because of having to stitch through a lot of layers.
Here, I've reattached the inner envelopes.
And here's the final version. There are a few advantages to this version. First, the vinyl will be easier to keep clean and I can rip off the bias and redo it easily. The overall wallet has a slimmer profile and weighs less. The rounded corners should catch less. I would recommend doing this if you make your own cash wallet. Besides being more durable, it is much easier to construct.

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