August 27, 2012

Spinning - pumpkin goodness finished

I can't believe I spun a fingering weight yarn. I expected the yarn to bloom when I washed it, but it really did not. With this fiber I over spun my singles hoping I could minimize blooming and it worked. Because some of the singles sat for a long time, I wasn't sure about plying. Some tips on Ravelry recommended over plying the yarn a bit. This is because the singles had a lot of stored twist energy, which will release once plied and washed. If there isn't enough twist added when plying, then the yarn could come out unbalanced. I did add a lot of twist when plying as suggested and the plied skeins were definitely not balanced. But once I washed and thwacked it, it magically came out balanced.

I'm pleased with how this turned out. The yarn is fairly consistent - I showed definite improvement as I worked my way through the fiber.

I've since learned that this fiber was not as well prepared as it could have been. The fiber was a bit matted and I had to pre-draft it as I went along. I think a spinner who uses a wheel would have been frustrated, but a spindle spinner would probably get along with it better. I probably will buy from this seller again because it was affordable - hopefully with more experience, the fiber will improve.

Yardage: 312 yards
Weight: 4 oz, Fingering
WPI: about 14.

I'm thinking of making this scarf with this yarn.

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  1. That yarn is a thing of beauty. I'm impressed with your skill and how quickly you picked this up!