October 12, 2012

Finally, back in the sewing room

My blouse pattern has been sitting on my sewing table for over two months and I've finally been able to get to it. The collar band needed some more work and after much study I found the problem. The band was a 1/4 inch too small. So I added in the missing length and curved the ends of it a bit more. I also made the blouse a bit longer and moved the front dart point down. So here it is partially cut out of my thrift store sheet. I think this might actually be wearable in public. Maybe in a retro-chic kind of way. I am playing around with the style of the sleeve to help make the fabric not look too old fashioned. If it doesn't work out, as far as looks go, it's not too big a deal. Anyway, more about this project later.


  1. Yay! I always enjoy your blouse posts. I still have two blouse fails left over from several months ago that I haven't had the stomach to revisit (one due to interfacing issues and the other due to severe puckering after the first wash). It's much nicer to simply enjoy your project from afar! :-)