February 05, 2013

Knitting - Socks for Christmas?

These socks were intended as a Christmas gift for DH. I started them on Thanksgiving and should have had plenty of time to finish them up. But the busyness of the holidays got in the way and the first sock wasn't finished until a week before Christmas. If I pushed, I could have finished the second in a week but I ran into a problem. The first sock was too small with the 72 stitch cast on and size 1 US needles. I double checked my gauge and I was getting 9 SPI, which means I needed an 80 stitch cast on.

I had to rip out the first sock and start over. Thankfully, DH understood that I wouldn't be able to finish them by Christmas.

I blame the yarn, Paton's Kroy 4 ply sock yarn. The yarn is relatively inexpensive and readily available at Michael's and Joann's. I've struggled with this yarn before in trying to get the gauge I expected. The balls of yarn are also short on yardage, which means I had to mail order another ball. Fortunately, the different dye lot does not show in the finished sock.

All this to say, I probably won't be buying this sock yarn again.

DH does like his socks.

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  1. How disappointing for you. I'm sure DH is fine with waiting for well fitting socks, but your time and effort wasted? That's a shame. I hope you can find a better sock yarn.