April 06, 2013

Knitting - Bramwell socks

More vanilla socks using Patons Kroy 4 ply sock yarn. The yarn gave me difficulty with gauge again. I started with an 80 stitch cast on, tried again with 76 and finally settled on 72. For some reason, I did want these socks to match with the stripes, but I was not able to do so. The yarn balls run short on yardage and I didn't dare pull out enough of the second ball to start at the same place as the first. I did have to pull about 6 yards out of a third ball to finish up the toes. The rest of the third ball will end up as socks for my nephews.

I named these socks Bramwell because they were knit while doing a rewatch of the BBC series. Eleanor Bramwell is a female doctor in Victorian society that treats the poor in the slums of East London. Series 1-3 are very good - some of the stories deal with contemporary issues but with the appropriate historical setting and reactions. There is a bit of adult content, so be forewarned. One last warning. There is a 4th series, but it is absolutely dreadful. The sets, characters, and story lines are so drastically changed that they bear no resemblance to the  earlier episodes. The series is available on Netflix or you can buy the DVD's off Amazon.

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