July 27, 2013

Summer stash enhancement

I don't know about you but my summer has been very busy. So busy that I haven't made much progress on anything. I would show a progress picture of the Myrtle cardigan but it doesn't look any different from last time. My writing project is nearly done and hopefully I will be able to announce it soon. I hit a snag when my old monitor bit the dust and so I had to wait for a new one. Anyway things are finally back on track. So in the midst of all the summer busyness, I did add a few things to my stash.

It's been a while since I've added to my pattern stash. The dress is on my to-do list to sew up. The blouse pattern is part of my on going blouse pattern making study.
I acquired some more wool fiber from a local rancher. She raises Columbia sheep. Unfortunately this fiber prep doesn't remove all the veg matter. So I test spun some of it to see how hard it would be to remove as I spun and it doesn't appear that it will be that big of a deal. The fiber feels soft but sticky, if that makes sense, and is really easy to spin. I'm excited to spin wool from sheep that live down the road. This fiber is undyed and I haven't decided if I will leave it that way.

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