August 12, 2013

Organizing my workspace pt. 1

Even though I sometimes call myself the Organized Fashion Designer, the truth of the matter is that I am more organized on paper than I am at home. Just like everybody else, I worked out how to be organized in my workplace. But when I come home to the Design Loft, I just don't have the energy to deal with it. The piles of stuff causes me a bit of stress because I can't work on something when there are piles of stuff. That means I must clean and organize before I can work on anything. The result is that I haven't worked on any sewing projects in a long time (knitting and spinning has been much easier to pick up).

So, in order to show you that I do use the blank forms in The Organized Fashion Designer book, I first have to clean and organize my space. So let's begin with a tour of just one corner of the Design Loft. This is where I have my craft/cutting table. It becomes the dumping ground for anything that comes into the room.

I have 2 sewing projects, recent purchases, and a pattern making project all waiting for me here.
The area below the table is just as bad. I have recently acquired fabric, fiber, and trims sitting here. I'm fairly certain the fire marshal would not like this arrangement.
The trash can sits too far away from my table, but right next to my sewing machine. In either location, it's too small.
I do have a few things right. My drafting tools are within easy reach of my table and hang on the wall from cup hooks. The shelves need a bit or rearrangement, but pens and pencils are up off the table (mostly).

Stay tuned for the after.

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