August 29, 2013

More stash enhancement

Congratulations to Leslie and Robyn for winning copies of The Organized Fashion Designer during the Fashion Incubator and Star Cross Sewing blog giveaways. The winner of Sew Jereli's giveaway TBA.

This last weekend I had an opportunity to snag some killer deals on knit fabrics. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the fabrics at Joann's horribly overpriced? This is my only fabric store with substantial selection within a 50 mile radius leaving me with only online shopping options. Sometimes, you just need to touch and feel the fabrics before diving in, KWIM.

The first fabric is a lovely rayon/spandex jersey from Joann's. I managed to snag a 60% off coupon sitting near the door, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford this. The recommended care is dry clean only - I'm guessing because the fabric will bleed. I'll have to do some wash testing to know for sure.

Up next is a poly/cotton striped jersey from Walmart. Sometimes you can find awesome bargains at Wally World. I bought all they had.

And look, I was a good girl and immediately cut swatches* for future reference.

I have enough fabric to make maxi skirts, drapey cardigans, and possibly some ordinary t-shirts out of both fabrics. I'm actually kind of excited about the possibilities.

*Printable swatch headers are available in the book or the Fabric & Trim bundle.


  1. rayon can shrink like crazy, though it might be ok if you pre-wash it in hot water and then only cool wash after sewing it up. I use lingerie bags to do wash tests on small pieces if I'm not sure what's gonna happen =)

  2. Rayons can also pill if you put it in the dryer. Cold wash on gentle and air dry is what I have done.