November 05, 2013

Knitting: Myrtle Cardigan pt. 3

I've made some progress on the Myrtle cardigan. I am finally at the point where I bind off for the underarm. With each lace repeat I was able to knit just a bit faster. The next step is to cast on for the sleeves. I've studied the pattern instructions several times and my head spins each time. I think I understand the gist of what is to happen next, but I am applying some modifications. So far I have lengthened the body by two repeats - the sweater would have been too short otherwise. I want to raise the neckline by two repeats. This means I will be dealing with neckline and armhole shaping at the same time. I'm also left wondering if I have enough yarn to make the sleeves full length or if I should do 3/4.

So this project is going to rest for a bit. I have some simple Christmas knitting to work on.

1 comment:

  1. You've made good progress. That lace pattern is really going to be pretty once it's blocked and opens up.

    If you need graph paper at your gauge to plot your new neckline shaping, you can generate if here: I found it very helpful for v-neck mods on a recent sweater.