January 01, 2014

Christmas Knitting

How was your holidays? I know that New Year's Eve and Day is all about reflection and goal setting. I spent that time transitioning from one email client to another. I had one moment where I thought I might have lost all of my saved emails in the older client. But thanks to all the helpful Linux folks, I managed to save them. Then came the task of sorting through 17,000 emails saved from the last 7 years. I sure wish I had emptied out that trash can once in a while because a majority of it was just that. Anyway, it somehow seems like an appropriate activity to look at what I was talking about and doing over those years.

I was going to write this rather melancholy post about life. We all have dreams, aspirations, goals, expectations. What do you do when those things go unfulfilled? I don't know. Set new goals? Life never turns out as you expect and when you have been in a holding pattern for so long, it's hard to know what to do next. Life has been good and I have done some awesome things while I've been waiting. I'm still sorting the next phase of life out. I don't know what comes next and what goals to set. In the mean time, I'm doing my usual New Year's Day activity. Balancing my checkbook and business ledgers. Sounds exciting, right?!

And you thought this was a post about knitting. I knitted up a monster and matching hat for my nephews. They both loved it. And that means a second monster is coming soon.

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  1. kathleen9:58 AM

    Gosh Esther, you've done two things I've given up on. Paring my email? Not happening and I've given up on aspiring to do it.

    And balancing my checkbook? Funny you mention it. I was idly wondering yesterday if anybody still did that. The closest I get to it is navigating to my bank's website and with no small measure of temerity & terror, see what my latest balance is. Assuming I haven't been frightened beyond reason, I scroll through the latest transactions to see if there is anything that looks weird. Knock on wood, it's been fine so far. I think I last balanced my checkbook about 10 years ago...