October 27, 2014

Knitting: Vanilla socks

I've been busy, which partially explains the lack of posting on the blog. These socks are a case in point. I started them July 2013 as my sanity knitting project for a family gathering. I finished the first sock Christmas 2013. The second sock came off the needles September 2014. It normally doesn't take me anywhere near this long to knit a pair of socks, especially vanilla socks. My vanilla socks are pretty much all the same. 72 stitch cast on on size 1 needles, 1.5" rib, then stockinette for 5" to the top of the heel. Then I do a traditional heel flap. Then kitchner the toes. I've made many pairs of socks now and I have to say my current socks are much better knit than my early ones, but I'm still wearing those early ones several years later. A couple of pairs are nearly worn through the toes and one pair is just slightly too small.

In other news, the fall garden harvest is nearly done. I've been canning tomatoes like crazy, along with carrots and tomatoes. I think it was a good garden year. I've been previewing PAD System because I am nearly ready to make the leap on my own CAD pattern making system. The cost has been prohibitive to date. The cost includes software, training/support, plotter, and digitizing table. I will start with the software and add on as I go. Why PAD? Because it is the only CAD system that works on Linux. If I choose any other system, I will have to buy a new computer which only adds to the cost and otherwise clutters up my house with yet another computer (we are at 3 desktop PC's, 1 laptop, and 3 tablets. Yikes!).

Finally, I have nearly finished the Myrtle cardigan. The knitting is done and all that is left is blocking, weaving-in ends and sewing on buttons. The poor cardigan is patiently waiting to be finished...

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your Myrtle!