December 01, 2014

Knitting: More vanilla socks

I have been super busy this Fall. I can't exactly explain what it is that I've been doing. At least I couldn't until I started a bullet journal. I've always been a listmaker but I've never been very good at looking at my lists after I created them. This system contains my brain, but is also helping me stay on task a little better. I'm one month in and I'm liking it so far. I've expanded at looking at youtube videos with planner walk throughs. I'm surprised in this day of digital that so many people are spending so much money on paper planners. I've tried digital setups and it has never worked for me. I am still in beta with this because I want to figure out a better project, business, and home planning system. Perhaps some combo of digital and paper with the bullet system. I do know I want to keep my planners smaller and more manageable than a filofax or Erin Condren. Is it possible to keep track of everything in a bullet journal? I don't know but I'll see if I can.

Besides wasting time at youtube and pinterest (lots of free printables!), I managed to knit up another pair of vanilla socks in record time. I really like this sock yarn by Premier Yarns - Serenity Sock. The yarn is affordable, available at chain stores, and super comfortable. The socks can be machine washed but will shrink in the dryer. This colorway is called Saffron. I would love to get this yarn in solids.

I managed to match the stripes on the sock until the toes, where each sock went it's own way. I tried the Fish Lips Kiss Heel twice on sock number 1 and did not like it. I still managed to get holes at the end of the short rows. I know many people love this heel but I found the instructions were a turn off. I switched to my regular heel flap which turned out great.

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