December 08, 2016

Big chunky scarf

DH asked for a scarf last Christmas. Of course he asked for it about two weeks before Christmas. He picked the yarn and color. This is the only picture I have and it's not that great.

Pattern: The Nørrebro Scarf
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick and Quick
Color: Claret
Needle: Size 13, double pointed bamboo
Mods: Eliminated ribbing

You would think this would be a quick and easy project with super bulky yarn, but I didn't finish this until April 2015. Three things got in the way - super busy work schedule and my ongoing fatigue. The third was the yarn itself. Because I had to use such a large needle, it really hurt my hands. I only managed about 4 or so rows at a time and then I had to stop. It seems counterintuitive that large needles would cause this problem, but it certainly seems to be the case. There is probably a happy ergonomic needle and yarn size, but smaller is better for me. I have no problem knitting with size 1 sock needles, but not the super large size 13's.

DH likes this scarf because it is soft, squishy and super warm.

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