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August 20, 2013

Organizing my workspace : Creating a fabric swatch library

Fabric stash that needs organizing

It's time to start organizing my fabric stash - and believe me this is only one part of a larger whole! Any factory or design space needs to have some kind of procedure and policy in place for how to handle new fabrics. Swatches should be immediately taken and relevant information recorded. If this isn't done, it becomes incredibly difficult to hunt down the information later, especially when you need to do a cost analysis. Even when sewing at home, it helps to know the basics and it makes it easier to grab a swatch when heading to the store for additional supplies. I've learned my lesson after letting my stash of fabrics pile up.

Supplies and tools needed to create a fabric stash library

Here are the tools and supplies you might need if you are following along.

  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Stapler
  • Book rings
  • Fabric headers*
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • Hole punch
I'm using the fabric headers found in the book (or ordered separately on Etsy). They can be printed on card stock or bristol board.

Book rings are incredible organizing tools for the factory or craft room. There are two sizes I like - 1" and 2". Any size you prefer will work just fine.

Acco Metal Book Rings, 1in Diameter, 100 Rings Per Box (ACC72202)
Acco Metal Book Rings, 2in Diameter, 50 Rings Per Box (ACC72205)

How to

  1. Cut strips of fabric. For the small headers 2" x 7" (or however long you prefer). The larger header is about 7.5" wide and however long.
  2. Fold the headers in half and staple in the corners
  3. Store and display as you wish. You can use the book rings to sort your fabric swatches by color, style, or type.
Fabric swatches on a book ring
Here is the beginning of my swatches. I'm waiting on my order of book rings to come so that I can organize them better.

August 16, 2013

6 tips for organizing a design workspace

How does one start organizing a space. I've broken it down into some pretty common sense steps.
  1. Just start. If the area is too overwhelming, then pick just one spot.
  2. Clear the area. Try to put things away that belong in other rooms. Move things to a temporary new home, if necessary. The organizing tv shows always clear an entire room out, but don't feel like you have to do this.
  3. Sort your stuff into keep, charity, and trash/recycle.
  4. Study your available space and arrange furniture in an attractive and efficient workspace. Make a list of organizing needs like shelves, baskets, labels, etc.
  5. Bring things back in. Rework your plan as needed to accommodate your things.
  6. Maintain. Once you've set up your space, you'll need to keep it up. Put things away when done, etc. It's easy to backslide back into a chaotic space if some do diligence isn't implemented.
As you organize your workspace, try to create zones. For example, I have a cutting table, sewing machines, ironing board, and storage. Each of these areas have certain tools and supplies that need to be readily available. This may mean having multiple pairs of scissors, pin cushions, etc so that you aren't having to walk across the room multiple times.

In my case, I've picked one hot spot in my work space and that is my cutting table. I've put stuff away and cleared most of it off. The remaining items are the things that always float around the table while I'm trying to work (not ideal when trying to cut something out!)

Sewing tools that need a home

So, I'm looking for wall baskets to hang near my work table to contain all these things. I found a few ideas on Amazon and Ikea, but I'll check out my local hardware stores first. I know that I'll probably need at least three wall baskets, so might as well stock up. Anyway, here are a few ideas from Amazon (click on the images to go to Amazon).

I like the looks of these baskets.

This one would be easy to mount to a wall.

There is probably a simple way to mount this style too.

Find more ideas in The Organized Fashion Designer.