August 05, 2013

The Organized Fashion Designer

The Organized Fashion Designer

I'm pleased to announce that my book, The Organized Fashion Designer, is now available for purchase. This book is a collection of guides and forms that I have developed and used while working in the fashion industry. Every fashion or sewn product business exists in some state of chaos. Out of desperation, I began to create various forms and organizing systems to keep track of all of the information needed to manufacture products. This led to simple tech packs that could be pulled together in an instant. I kept track of information using expensive database management software and simple paper and pencil forms. I have even used these forms with personal projects to keep my design space organized. Now I'm sharing these forms with new designers and home hobbyists in the hope that chaos can be organized.

The book includes blank forms and how to:
  • Create a simple tech pack
  • Develop grade rules
  • Track every major step of your product development
  • figure out how much your product costs to produce
  • List sewing instructions
  • Create a style number system
  • Helpful industry resources
And more!

The Organized Fashion Designer
The book is available in three formats.

Spiral Bound

Saddle stitch (stapled pamphlet style)

eBook (PDF)

8.5" x 11" book
54 pages

or from Amazon.

5 star reviews on Etsy:

Thank you so much! Really helpful guide for designers - Linda

Love the ebook! Can't wait to get organized :) - Diane

Thank you!! This book is a great relief. It makes the paperwork look doable and dare I say appealing. - Trapper Jane

Thank you! Great resource! - Jess S

You can purchase the eBook or bundled selections from the book on Etsy.


  1. Esther I stalk your site for grading info, this looks awesome! :) I am happy to review it on my blog too.

  2. Congratulations Esther!

  3. Yay! I'll cover it too of course.