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August 08, 2013

FAQ's for The Organized Fashion Designer

The response to The Organized Fashion Designer has been awesome over the last few days! Here are the answers to a few questions I've received.

1. I see there are several options, which version is right for me.

I wanted to give customers options that will hopefully fulfill their specific needs.

The print option is great if you prefer a hard copy and can photocopy off the forms as needed. The coil binding allows for easy flipping of the pages. The saddle stitch binding lays flat and won't snag on anything like the coil sometimes does. Both options are printed on high quality paper and materials.

The PDF ebook (at Lulu and Etsy) is available instantly and you can print out the forms as needed.

The PDF bundles that contain selected collections of forms are ideal if you are not sure you want the whole ebook. Just pick the bundle you need and you're good to go.

2. I've purchased the ebook, how do I receive my copy.

On both Etsy and Lulu, the PDF is an instant download. Both sites provide a link as soon as payment is received and both send you an email with download instructions.

Etsy download instructions

Lulu - go to your account and select the downloads tab.

If you have trouble receiving your files, you will need to contact either Etsy or Lulu for additional help. If all else fails, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

3. How can I read my ebook? Can I read it on my iPad/Android/Kindle Fire?

You can read your ebook on any device that contains an app that will open PDF files. On computers, you will need Adobe Reader or something similar. On tablet devices, visit your app store and search for a PDF reader. Keep in mind that you will probably want to print out the forms you need and not all tablet devices can do this easily. Also, the ebook may not be as easy to read on small tablet devices like Kindle Fires.

4. I'm a [fill in the blank], will this book help me?

I think this book can help lots of different people

Home sewist/hobbyist - If you are ready to take your sewing to the next level, you'll want to stay organized. Keep track of TNT pattern variations, create a swatch library, catalog your styles, create a measurement chart. Not all forms will apply, but many will. If you want to know how things are done in the industry, buy the whole book. Otherwise, one of the bundles may meet your needs.

Custom clothier - Keep track of your pattern pieces, catalog styles with style numbering and style sheets. Create a measurement and grading chart.

New design entrepreneur - Start your business off right by implementing processes that will prevent chaos and save you money. Look more professional by providing the information that many contractors require right off the bat. (I also recommend reading The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing).

Established design entrepreneur - If you have lost pattern pieces, needed to take inventory, or pulled together a haphazard tech pack, then you need this book. Use these forms to refine your processes and bring some order to the chaos.

5. I don't sew/produce apparel, but I do make [fill in the blank]. Will this book help me?

Most of the forms in this book can be used for just about any sewn product. This includes bags, stuffed toys, tents, wallets, hats, tablet slip cases, diapers, umbrellas, or whatever else you can think of.

6. Can I purchase this book on Amazon?

Yes. The book is available in print on Amazon.

August 05, 2013

The Organized Fashion Designer

The Organized Fashion Designer

I'm pleased to announce that my book, The Organized Fashion Designer, is now available for purchase. This book is a collection of guides and forms that I have developed and used while working in the fashion industry. Every fashion or sewn product business exists in some state of chaos. Out of desperation, I began to create various forms and organizing systems to keep track of all of the information needed to manufacture products. This led to simple tech packs that could be pulled together in an instant. I kept track of information using expensive database management software and simple paper and pencil forms. I have even used these forms with personal projects to keep my design space organized. Now I'm sharing these forms with new designers and home hobbyists in the hope that chaos can be organized.

The book includes blank forms and how to:
  • Create a simple tech pack
  • Develop grade rules
  • Track every major step of your product development
  • figure out how much your product costs to produce
  • List sewing instructions
  • Create a style number system
  • Helpful industry resources
And more!

The Organized Fashion Designer
The book is available in three formats.

Spiral Bound

Saddle stitch (stapled pamphlet style)

eBook (PDF)

8.5" x 11" book
54 pages

or from Amazon.

5 star reviews on Etsy:

Thank you so much! Really helpful guide for designers - Linda

Love the ebook! Can't wait to get organized :) - Diane

Thank you!! This book is a great relief. It makes the paperwork look doable and dare I say appealing. - Trapper Jane

Thank you! Great resource! - Jess S

You can purchase the eBook or bundled selections from the book on Etsy.