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Patents, Intellectual Property, and Trademarks

Careful - this bib is patented.
Who puts whom in a corner?
Warning - Taggies blankets have a patent
Baby product run amok pt. 1
More aggressive IP/brand enforcement

Pattern Making

Reducing or eliminating sleeve cap ease Part 1.
Reducing or eliminating sleeve cap ease Part 2.
Making a Dress form part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  (Not really a step by step tutorial, but may be helpful.
Seam or unseamed? (pattern making with the seams on vs. off)
Neck opening circumference
A problem with cap sleeves
Standard pattern blocks flat vs. classic
Stretch and shrinkage in patterns pt. 1, 2


*I'm linking to my previous articles on children's safety issues. Some of the things I write about are common sense. Some detail the confusion that exists. Please keep in mind that some of these articles are out of date. Please research the safety requirements on your own and consult testing labs/lawyers for better information. Don't rely on these articles alone when developing your line. Because of CPSIA, the liability and legal requirements of children's products have changed and intensified.

Be careful! Children's clothing safety
Flammability issues -- childrens sleepwear
Children's safety and bedding
Children and small objects
Drawstrings again!
The dangers of lead
Drawstrings and child safety
Watch out for screenprints


Sewing tutorial - Set-in sleeves
Neckline finishes
Christmas stocking pattern
Applying elastics in a swimsuit or leotard

Sizing and Grading

*Be sure to read all of these articles if you are developing your own sizes. In this series I present a problem, theorize on a solution, and then try it out. The last articles give my results.

Too Many Sizes
Creating a grading standard
Creating a grading standard pt. 2
Creating a grading standard pt. 3
Points of measure and grading
Sizing studies for children
Grading stack points
A word on Handford
When do you grade?
Graded nests
Too Many Sizes pt. 2
Grading pants notes pt. 1, 2, 3
Grading complex styles pt. 1, 2
When patterns collide
A toddler sizing rant
Who creates grade rules?
When patterns collide follow up
Some grading questions
History of sizing
Relying on old body measurements and pattern drafting instructions

Writing care and content labels

Sizing info on a tag
Care/Content label example
Made in USA - Not!
Another care/content label
Designers hate care/content labels
Country of origin labeling examples
A warning on labeling bamboo textiles

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