September 26, 2006

Children's Safety and bedding

I thought I would address a few questions I have received on baby blankets and bedding with regards to flammability issues. The CPSC has issued guidelines on crib safety and bedding. I have searched high and low for any more guidelines on bedding and flammability and did not find anything more specific.

I find this curious because the CPSC has such a strong emphasis on sleepwear and flammability. After all, bedding of any kind will be associated with a sleeping activity at some point with infants. In the soft bedding guidelines, it is recommended that all extra bedding materials (small pillows, decorations, toys, extra blankets, etc) be removed from a crib when a child is there. They go so far as to say a baby should wear a sleeper instead of using blankets or sheets.

Customized baby blankets are a hot item. I have seen them in various fabrics and trimmings. The safest approach is to be sure that the fabrics comply with basic flammability guidelines (links found in my previous post). Also, make sure any attached trims are very secure. Don't have any dangling cords, ribbons, or attachments. As an extra precaution, I include a copy of the soft bedding warning in all of my blanket orders. You may wish to add a sticker or slip of paper that states the blanket should be removed from a crib while a baby is sleeping.

I love making baby blankets. It is a fun and very useful item for new moms. Since I am not a lawyer, I can not advise on liability issues. So while the above ideas make good sense, they may not legally protect you in a burn suit. Just do the best you can in making a safe product and provide a caution statement.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information and the links. It's hard to know what you don't know, so your sharing your knowledge is much appreciated!!!

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