October 27, 2008

A toddler sizing rant

No, not from me but from a frustrated mom. This mom's blog about twins Hannah and Sophie gives another perspective on the children's sizing problem. I feel her frustration, and I can understand because as a pattern maker and designer I have difficulty getting the sizing right too. The comments on that particular entry suggest she start her own business selling clothes that fit.

If she were to start a business selling toddler slim clothes, she would discover the same difficulties as other children DE's. Sizing is a big problem that falls all over the anthropometric map. Adult sizing is rather stable in the sense that adults reach a size and tend to stay there - disregarding weight gain or loss. You can categorize adults into sub-groups with similar body proportions and sizing. You can do that with children too but the sub-groups are transitional. Children grow as they age, changing from one group to the next in progression. Ideally, children's clothing allows for that transition in a smooth fashion. In reality, children will occasionally have clothes that are too short, too long, too wide, etc. It is impossible to accommodate them all because they don't all start from the same place. Genetics and individual circumstances play a big part.

This not offered as an excuse for the industry. Surely some creative DE could provide clothing for Hannah and Sophie that is comfortable and fits well. I suspect that the twins were premature because of TTTS. The girls appear to be thriving and doing well. Children born prematurely are a unique sub-group that falls outside the norms. They tend to be smaller and grow differently than other children. It would be an interesting challenge for someone to come up with a product line to help them. Any one up for it?


  1. I'm wondering how on earth you found my clothing rant, but thanks for posting about our problem. If any of your readers decide to take on the challenge, send them my way. I'll happily provide measurements.

  2. I commented on Rhonda's blog...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for someone to help out parents like Rhonda and I who have petite children. My girls were premature as well, but only by a couple weeks. They are 21 lbs each and are 2.5 years old. If there were clothes that fit our girls correctly, the designers would have devoted customers for life! :)

  3. I commented on Rhonda's blog as well - my twins are skinny minis too and we'd LOVE a solution! My poor son looks like he's either wading in the water if his pants fit around his waist, or a rapper with his undies showing if the length is right. Poor guy.

    If memory serves, they once came up with "Husky" pants to help out the big kids...any way to come up with the "Bean Pole" pants to help with the taller, skinnier ones? :)