June 18, 2006

More dressform picts!

I realized I should have posted picts of what my form looks like under the dress. So here they are. At this stage I was still trying to figure out the top cap piece. All that is left is adding the tape to indicate the waistline and ankle. These pictures aren't great. In the top one, it looks like the shoulders are uneven. I think the form was still swinging when I snapped the shot. In the second, it looks like the form's legs are angled toward it's support. I think I was holding the camera at a funny angle. It does hang straight and even....


  1. wow, i'm really impressed, i dont suppose you'd be willing to sell the pattern? i design womens clothing, but who knows, i'm prego right now a children's form might be fun.

  2. I do have my basic pattern, but the whole process ended up being far more complicated than I anticipated. Considering all of the time I spent on it, I think buying one is really the best value. Eventually, I will buy a form, for now my home-made version will do.