March 09, 2006

Hawaiian Paradise Line

About six months ago, I had worked on a design project for a friend of mine, Scott, to be placed in his store Blackpearl Designs. His store specializes in Hawaiian products such as pareos (sarongs or lava lavas, jewelry, Tahitian candles, etc.). I had fabric left over from that first project sitting in my design studio. It has been staring at me for months.

The fabric is truly special. Scott, also a graphic designer, custom designed this fabric for his pareos. The fabric is first dyed and then screen printed by hand in Indonesia. It is exclusively available from him. Scott's fabrics are the blue and gold on the left below. He also has a red and green shown further below. I bought some additional Hawaiian prints that are pretty too.

More fabrics

Nothing is more dangerous than leaving really cool fabric laying around in a design studio. It practically screams at you to do something with it. Since I design children's clothing, I didn't think the fabric would be suitable for my customers. That is until I tried it anyway. What has come out is a line of really fun girl's sundresses in 6 colors and sized 0-3M to 24M. Each colorway is limited in quantity and sizing.

Here is a sneak preview:

Completed dresses

The dresses will be available either from Blackpearl Designs or Tiny Packages beginning April 1, 2006. As you can see, we are still in the middle of production and we are working as fast as possible to have them ready by April 1st. The dresses will have flower pins or headbands as accessories. You can currently buy pareos or fabric in Scott's store (hurry, they are selling fast!). These dresses would make a great mother-daughter combo for your Hawaiian vacation.

And if you can't get enough pictures, here is a sneak peak at one of our cute models wearing our red dress:

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