April 03, 2006

Hawaiian Paradise Line pt 4

We finally had our photo shoot for our Hawaiian Sundress Line. It was so fun to see our dresses on live babies. And the girls were so adorable. Here are a few pictures:

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  1. This is the first time I have ever blogged. I am co-owner of Black Pearl Desgins (www.blackpearldesigns.com) and my name is Angela. I just wanted to comment on the fabric design. The fabric design used for these dresses is Tahitian. A Tahitian print is unique and therefore different than a Hawaiian print. (I'm using print and design here interchangeably). All fabrics with plumeria, hibiscus, and or fern prints are put under the generic label of aloha print/design even though it may have a different island of origin. There are certain designs that can be identified with their islands. These designs incorporate aspects of the native wood carvings, tattoos, or petroglyphs. Hawaii has petroglyphs and those prints with these petroglyphs make it undeniably a Hawaiian print. Most prints labeled aloha designs are designed in Hawaii. One of the fabrics used for the sundress is a Hawaiian print. The fabric printed by us is unique to us and we are the only ones to carry it. It has a Tahitian flavor in the design. This design incorporates the hibiscus flower, fern, and a bit of a flowing organic feel to it based on tattoos. The design came to us through a Tahitian family that lent it to us temporarily for this fabric.