April 21, 2006

I should be starting my Fall/Holiday line but...

I finally received a copy of Winifred Aldrich's book on pattern cutting for children. I have had a long time goal to start over on my basic blocks. I feel like I have had to make a lot of guesses on what was correct - re-invent the wheel so to speak. So now that I have this book, I finally feel like I can make progress on my goal!

I am accustomed to American sizing and English measurements. Aldrich is from Great Britain and her book is very British. British fashion terms and metric measurements. I have to read things very closely and study the charts carefully to understand the things she is talking about. Despite that, the book is excellent. I can sit at the feet of a master pattern cutter and learn from her years of experience and wisdom.

I have yet to decide on making my blocks using the metric system or not. I may use her drafting methods and substitute my own measurements. I have one measurement chart based off the US measurement study done in 1975 and I keep going back to it. Plus, I like the way she has broken down infant/toddler sizing to reduce redundant sizing. I will blog more about this topic next week.

I am most impressed with her initiative to do her own measurement study. And surprisingly, her measurements are not dissimilar from a British government study released in 1988-1989. The British (and really the EU) have adopted in their sizing is to designate children's sizes based on height with age being a reference. There are many advantages to such a system. Again, more about that next week.

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