September 12, 2006

My thoughts on September 11th

I don't know why the 5th year anniversary was so hard. Anyone that works in the fashion industry has ties to people in New York City. I didn't personally know anyone that died in the attacks, but I still grieved for the people of New York, a city that I love.

The last time I flew on a plane was April 2001 to New York. This was a business trip and I attended the fabric show at the Javitts center and met with fabric sales reps. One showroom is on 27th and Broadway, the closest I was to the business area of town on that trip. On a previous trip, I had toured that area and taken the boat out to Ellis Island. I still have my picture of the twin towers from the boat. Since I have to fly from the west coast, I can't help but think I could have been on one of those planes...

Between April and September I got married, moved and changed jobs. I happened to land a job with a small design company. My first day on the job was Sept 11, 2001. As I was getting ready, I saw the second plane hit. Then I watched the towers collapse. I was in quite a state when I called my employer and asked if we were still working. We were. For most of that day we listened to the radio, in shock.

My new employer needed a fabric source. I knew of one, but the rep was located in New York City. I felt like such a snake calling him up one week later and asking for a swatch. I could feel the pain in his voice.

Sept 11th is a hard day for me. I still grieve for the people that died.

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  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    No matter what our individual lives are like, just about every American seems to have a link to what happened in NY that day. My link is a friend who works in NY in the financial industry. He lost friends that day. I never met these friends of a friend, but it still feels personal. Even when your link comes through fabric of all things, your connection is also personal because it reminds you that those most directly affected are as real and as human as you and I.