May 22, 2007

Clothing for Children: Chapter 3, part 3

Essentials in the Layette

This section discusses what is needed in an infant layette. Diapers are considered one of the most important layette items to have, especially cloth diapers. Disposable diapers were available in 1949 but they were bulky and used mostly during travel. Disposable diapers have certainly improved since 1949 and many people use them. However, do we want to trade convenience for landfills brimming with diapers that don't decompose? It's past time to return to cloth diapers.

I will be the first to admit that I haven't paid much attention to cloth diapers. I have designed special occasion dresses for several years. When I think of cloth diapers, I think of diaper flannel. It's soft and absorbent. But there are many more choices today, not only in fabric but print and design. Suzanne from The Good Mama gave me a rundown of fabrics used in her diapers. Bamboo velour and organic cottons are both renewable resources, and soft, comfortable fabrics. The prints are adorable too.

In 1949 the typical diaper was a large rectangle of flannel fabric that was folded a certain way and pinned on with diaper pins. The diaper was then covered with rubber pants, wool soakers, or water-repellent batiste pants. The authors encouraged limited use of diaper covers because they did not breathe, especially the rubber pants. Wool soakers were preferred because they kept the baby dry and breathed. The wool soakers were made from a knit fabric.

The cloth diapers of today are engineered much better. They have closures like snaps and velcro - no need for diaper pins. They are absorbent and rarely leak, so need for plastic diaper covers. They are constructed to withstand lots of washing. The fabrics are soft and more durable. The price may be a little higher, initially, than disposables but they will last a long time.

The rest of the chapter discusses all the rest of layette essentials, which is pretty common knowledge.


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  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    And another here who totally agrees that it's time people went back to using cloth diapers once again.

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    Cloth diapers should be mandatory for all babies newborn through to toddler.


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