July 03, 2007

Boy's shirt pattern fix pt. 3

A continuation of my boy's commercial shirt pattern fix....

4. Finish collar. Clip neck seam allowances near shoulder seams. Turn seam allowance of top collar under and push the remaining neck seam allowances into collar. Topstitch. Tack facing down along shoulder seams. Notice I included my care/content tag when I topstitched the collar closed.

5. Hem the sleeve. Attach sleeve to armhole flat. Close the side seam and sleeve. At this point I noticed the sleeve cap didn't match up to the armscye. So one more pattern fix to make - I made do for the sample.

At this point I decided not finish up the sample. Instead I put the shirt on the form to look at the overall proportions. The collar area looks nice and right on target.

The overall proportion of the shirt still looks too big for a size 24 months. I didn't make any changes to the original pattern in body width or length and I should have. I will double check those measurements on my pattern and make adjustments. At this point, there is little of the original pattern left and I really should have just drafted my own pattern. The original Butterick pattern is heading to the trash. BTW, anyone like my two tone work room? I desperately need to repaint it.

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