August 28, 2007

Fussy Corners

I have been a bit swamped with design work. Web design, dress design, technical design. Lots of little details to work on. I have another dress almost ready to put into the store - dress designing is my favorite aspect. This new dress is quickly turning into my favorite so far. Stay tuned.

Here is a quick update on my couch slip cover. So far it has come together beautifully. I spent some time perfecting the pattern after pulling it off of the couch and added seam allowances. I managed to cut out all of the pieces and match important stripes (Striped fabric is probably not the best choice on a first attempt, btw).

One thing I learned is that couches are NOT symmetrical. I have a hard time with asymmetry when something is supposed to be symmetrical. Anyway, this back corner doesn't fit, but the opposite one does. This will be an easy fix though.

When I was perfecting the pattern, I should have pulled out my library book. The author has you add extra ease for the tuck in allowance in the corner where the deck and the inside back meet. I didn't allow extra ease and just drew a nice, easy to sew line. You can see the result in the second picture. Funny pulls. This will require a bit more work to fix. I ripped out that inner corner and I will have to add in a tuck-in gusset (which will never be seen).

For the most part, I am fairly pleased with how it fits. The unfinished slipcover has been on my couch for the last few weeks and the most amazing thing is it doesn't move. You know how most store bought slipcovers shift and move the second you sit-down. It requires constant straightening. The extra effort to make a fitted slipcover is worth it!

After I fix those fussy corners, I will just need to do some finishing work and cover the cushions. The project will need to wait until the deep, dark days of winter. Harvest is around the corner and I have to get the garden beds ready.

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