September 12, 2007

Making Children's Clothes

I received my copy of Making Children's Clothes Using Block-Pattern Method (1971) by Joan Moloney today.

Just so you know, this book has no measurement charts, detailed drafting instructions, or sewing instructions. Think of it as looking on the back of a home sewing pattern envelope. The author shows the pattern pieces that make up a style next to an illustration or photograph of that style. The text is full of ideas but little how-to.

On the positive side, this is one of the few books I have seen that show all of the pattern pieces that make up a complete style. This may help designers who struggle with the complete design. Also, the book clearly illustrates the shapes of the pattern pieces. Sometimes that is all one needs to draft your own version. The illustrations are charming and I will add this book to my collection as a possible source of inspiration.

The author does describe how to make your own children's dress form, although briefly. Her version made me laugh for a second and then I wondered if I should be scared. It may give you an idea of how to make your own dress form. I did make my own, which I am using now. Children do not have the patience to be fit models for very long - so I do recommend obtaining dress forms at some point. Still, it is worth the time to try clothing on a child because you may notice differences in how the fabric drapes on a moving child.

This is not a must-have book to add to your reference collection. Used copies are available through Amazon for as little as $1 plus shipping so there is really no reason to not add it either.

In the mean time, my stack of 15 blankets and 2 burp cloths are ready to pick-up. These blankets are for a baby boy that is due soon.

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