July 14, 2008

Taggies brand rompers recalled

I have posted previously about Taggies brand blankets and related products. They are known for aggressively enforcing and protecting their patent on their security blankets. I have previously talked about how this kind of patent is ridiculous, but there is not much that can be done unless someone wants to be a test case in a patent infringement lawsuit.

Anyway, the company Rashti and Rashti (They are listed as the importer and official licensee) has issued a recall for Taggies infant sleepers. The sleepers are being recalled for snaps that can detach. The sleepers were sold in several big box retailers. This kind of recall is not unusual. Improperly applied snaps can easily fall or pull out. Painted snaps should be tested for lead.

I would post the pictures of the sleepers here, but the Taggies people are so aggressive about sending out cease and desists, I don't want any trouble (even though the images are technically in the public domain). Just follow the links to the official recall notice. There is a small link on the main Taggies page about the recall.

BTW, if you visit the What's New page at the Taggies website, you can see the types of products they will attempt to protect with their patent. The patent is supposed to protect related products and you can see their version of related products is extensive. All they've done is add ribbon loops to various products. To me this is not a question of protecting a unique product worthy of a patent. Instead it is a form of brand protection over a certain look. I am still flummoxed on how they achieved patent protection over the simple idea of inserting a ribbon loop into a seam. Maybe I should try to patent shoelaces?

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  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    From what I gather Taggies has been wheedling their sword since 2003. How many small business will Taggies crush before someone does something? Are they getting away with this because no one has the funds to become a test case in a patent infringement lawsuit? They defiantly have the advantage, but has anyone thought of joining forces and as a united group standing up to this company and their ridiculous patent?