March 16, 2010

Dress Design by Hillhouse and Mansfield

I have been looking for this book for years. It was a hot item on Ebay at one time and sold for much, much more than it was probably worth. Right now on the Bay, there are other books of the same subject that are priced too high. I found a very nice copy of this book for a mere $2. I knew if I kept my eyes open at the thrift store, it would eventually show up. Yep, I was quite excited to finally find this.

There is a handy little book search engine that I use at the library to determine a fair value for a book. There are a few copies of this book available for sell and average about $150.00. One seller is trying to get over $800, but I would be surprised if he will get that amount. Anyway, just keep yours eyes on the thrift stores, you may get lucky too. :-)


  1. Wonderful book - this particular book was gifted to me by a professor my senior year of school, as she was very fond of my appreciation for vintage clothing and patterns, and knew that I would treasure it!

  2. Hey, I bought that book at DI a few years ago for $2! Who new it was worth that much? Crazy.