June 21, 2006

The end of Children's Business Magazine

This was one of the few magazines I knew of that covered specifics in the Children's Business. I am unsure when this occurred - certainly in the last year or so - but Children's Business has ceased publication. Children's Business was published by Fairchild, the same company that publishes Women's Wear Daily (WWD).

The decision is puzzling because children's boutiques have seen a recent upswing. Parents are interested in outfitting their kids in designer duds - forgoing the mass market apparel. I know that Children's Business gave away many free subscriptions. The manufacturers I worked for in the past received about 2-3 subscriptions - having never signed up in the first place. I am sure they lost a lot of potential income not to mention the competition from the net.

WWD now expects their former subscribers to catch children's related news in their regular magazine. WWD focuses too much on celebrities (actors, celeb designers and the like), gossip, and style info for women. I rarely check out their magazine, nor would I want to wade through most of it. With the easy access of news on the net, perhaps the best place on Children's Business news is James Girone - although it is full of slow-loading ads.

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