October 04, 2007

Tag Board

I have needed to order tag board (manila folder paper for patterns) for a while. Up till now I haven't needed very much. My patterns are small and a large, heavy roll of the stuff seemed excessive. I think I have found a reasonable alternative until I need larger quantities.

I did a search for tag board among the big box office supply houses. Sure enough I found one that sold it in large pieces (24 x 36) in a box of 100 sheets. The pieces are big enough that I can cut out quite a few pieces at one time and still have left overs. I further economize by not cutting out square or rectangular pieces. Technically, every pattern piece should be cut out of tag board and if I were to send them to a contractor, I would. Square/Rectangular pieces are cut using cutting guides & charts. I have a cutting guide for sleeve cuffs and skirts indicating the dimensions for each size, for example.

The most surprising thing is how fast I received my order. I ordered it on Monday (ground delivery) and I received it Tuesday. Now that is fast! Best of all, I can store this under a bed and not worry about tripping over a large, heavy roll.


  1. sfriedberg5:24 PM

    I wish I had read this two weeks ago. I had been using similarly sized sheets of chipboard, purchased at a local art supply store, for my hard paper patterns and finally took the plunge on a 250 foot roll of 48" 120# manilla. The thing weighs about as much as a section of tree trunk of the same size (about 8" in diameter), and is not easy to move around.

    Could you name the big box chain you used?