July 21, 2008

Product Review: Yellow Jacket/Pants set pt. 2

Up next are the pants. I didn't take a picture of the whole pants. Oh well. Here is a closeup of the waistband. The pants have a set-on waist band with elastic only going partway around the waist. The front has a faux fly - typical of this size range. The elastic appears not to be centered correctly - I'll have to look at it again. In any event, this would be a difficult application. The elastic ends are topstitched through the front waistband. I am sure the waist was done this way so that the faux fly would lay flat.

An inside view of the faux fly. The center front seam is sewn in one operation. No separate pieces here.

Each pant leg has a patch pocket with velcro closures. Notice that each outseam is also topstitched.

Another close-up of the waist. The elastic is encased in the waist band and not stitched to the top pant edge like the corduroy pants. Because of the fly front, this is probably how the elastic waist has to be done. Still, I don't like the loose edge on the inside.

Guesses about the size can be left in comments here too. Any guesses on the retail price point?

1 comment:

  1. That is such a cute little outfit!
    My guess on the price-(I'm in Australia) If it sold here in Target, price would be about $25-00 - $30-00. If the outfit were to be bought from a baby boutique, I'd expect to pay $50-00+ and if it were a designer label - even more!
    Size wise - I guess the size range would be 0000 - to size 2 inclusive . Again, Australian sizing.

    With regard to the flapping casing on the waistband of the pants - we were taught ( I studied clothing production at a tertiary college) that that was not to happen, you had sew through the middle of the overlock when using a 5 thread etc.