July 25, 2008

Product Review: Yellow Jacket/Pants set pt. 3

Only one person ventured a guess on the size and price point of the hooded yellow jacket and pants I reviewed last week. Jennifer ventured a guess that it would be about $25-30 (AUS) and the Aussie size range of 0000 to 2.

Firstly, it's awesome that an Australian reads my blog! Very cool, this internet blogging thing. Secondly, I acquired this set from a thrift store so I don't know the exact price for which it originally sold. I think this set is private label for JcPenney, but I am not 100% sure. I used to do private label for JcPenney and some other big box stores so the brand looks very familiar.

You would have to look closely to see on the brand tag (partly smeared) was the word layette. Layette sizes normally run 3M-6M-9M or some variation of that (not sure how that translate into Aussie sizes, but probably similar). The set I showed is a size 3M.

Jennifer is probably right with the price point. JcPenney layette price points run about $15-$30 (USD), sometimes a little more. This set was made in China and there is a huge price savings because of cheap labor. A similar layette is available at JcPenney's online store for $20.

The only reason I made a big deal about the price point is because of the amount of detail included in a size 3M. What 3M old child really needs functional welt pockets on a jacket? Such detailing appeals to adults because it appears to add value. But does it really? We like to dress our babies up in clothing similar to ours with all of the same details. BabyGap sells 5 pocket denim jeans for infants too. Not really necessary and perhaps not as comfortable for a newborn, but it sells. Anyway something to think about.

BTW, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to manufacture this item in the US for this price point.

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